Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Birthday

My Birthday was awesome this year! My friend Teresa babysat all the kids for 6 hours while Brandon and I went to dinner and Phantom of the Opera. It was so great to go out on a real date. I loved seeing Phantom. I loved hearing the live music so loud that it shook my insides. I can't believe how many special effects could be used on one stage. It was amazing! I have always been a fan of the music, but hearing it professionally sung was incredible.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

On Thursday night I took the kids to their cousins school Halloween carnival. Denton and Julia had a blast. They played pumpkin bowling, fishing, cake walk, slimey worms and face painting. Aunt Jennifer actually painted Julia's and Denton's faces because the 2 teenagers where taking 5 years. Denton said his spider looked like a fly (sorry Jennifer :-) They had a punch card with 10 punches. When it was time for the party to end Denton started crying because he didn't get to use all of his punches. It was unusually cold for St. George and a lot of the activities were outside. By the end, I was exausted and wanted to just curl up under a blanket and go to sleep. It was a lot of fun though. Thanks for inviting us Turbow's!

I survived the month of October with no Brandon. I'm so glad to have him back! Saturday we picked him up at the airport and had a few hours to get him a costume and get ready for Halloween. Brandon was a blind ref. Denton was Optimus Prime and I was an angel (there are no pictures of my costume because I was the one holding the camera, and amongst the chaos, I forgot to get myself in a picture), and Cody was a sleeping baby. We went to the ward trunk-or-treat. The kids got a lot of candy and enjoyed seeing the other kids' costumes. We came home when we ran out of that stash of candy and started our at-home stash of candy. We had quite a few trick-or-treaters and Denton and Julia loved putting the candy in the tick-or-treaters bags.