Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Drive Was a Long one!

Julia is hiding under the blanket.

I was wondering why Cody was so loud and hyper!

I drove 3 hours, Brandon drove 27. He wanted it that way. Ok, I say.

We stopped in Salt Lake to say hi to Brandon's cousin Kara. She's recovering from neck surgery.

While stopped in Salt Lake we also had lunch with two of my brothers and their families.

The trip to Michigan was very long. The kids actually did pretty good. I loved all of the wind-mill fields we drove past. I also loved seeing all of the rivers, and corn fields. I would never attempt that drive alone with the kids. If we go home to visit without Brandon, we are flying!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Week In the Life

So, we moved out of our home in Henderson on May 28th. We had a ton of help from Alisha, Jennifer, and Stephanie (thank you!) to finish up the packing and then cleaning the entire house. Brandon had a lot of people from the ward come and help pack up the moving van. I was so glad to see Teresa and her kids one last time. During our last few hours cleaning and packing, my friend came to say goodbye and brought a little gift. I was brought to tears as I realized we wouldn't be in the same ward anymore. We will always be friends though! Brandon and I drove to St. George Friday night. Saturday, Brandon and his dad started out for Michigan in the moving van. Brandon and his dad got to stop in Iowa and eat at places Brandon's dad ate at on his mission. They also visited someone Brandon's dad taught on his mission. Brandon spent the week living in a motel, driving around a giant moving truck, and waiting for the house to close. The closing kept getting pushed back, but thankfully, closed and was final the same day Brandon had to return the moving truck (thank goodness for huge blessings!). I have spent the week taking the kids to visit grandpa and grandma Coon, hanging out with grandma Bonewell and TJ, going to the lake and rec center swimming with the Turnbows... all the while feeling like a single parent (I'll have to post pictures later when I get my computer unpacked). Late last night, Brandon flew into Las Vegas and I had to go pick him up. As I came up over the hill and saw all of the Vegas lights, I felt like I was coming home, and felt a wave of sadness as I realized we really had moved out of our home. I told Brandon our bedroom in our Detroit house is going to be decorated like the desert to remind me of home. We still have a few more days in St. George to play. We will be leaving on Thursday to drive to Michigan.