Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Impossible

I never get pictures of Denton and Julia together with both of them looking at the camera and smiling. I can try for a half hour and still nothing. Then, out of the blue, Denton and Julia sit together, Denton says, "Mom, go get your camera," and both of them are looking at me and smiling when I get back. What are the odds I'm also going to win a trip to Hawaii soon?

Denton actually took this picture all by himself. I'm quite proud.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Installing a Car Stereo 101

So Brandon got a new car, but it came without a stereo. He's been going crazy with boredom driving all over town everyday with nothing to listen to. Being the good wife that I am, I went on ebay and bought him a stereo. Then, the problem arises that we have no instructions on how to install this stereo and we don't want to spend the money to have someone else do it. We waited until the kids were to bed and we went out in the garage armed with a small table lamp (gives good light), an installation guide (printed off the internet), and a pile full of tools. As I'm sitting in the sauna of a garage with sweat dripping down my back and I'm staring at all these different colored wires, I realized that I was kind of bored and miserable, but I didn't care because Brandon and I were doing it together. We did get the stereo installed and it works great.

Play Day

Denton and Julia had their friends Lucy and Samie come over and play. We all wore pirate masks. Julia didn't want to keep hers on very long...

After putting on the mask myself, I realized they're not very comfortable.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lake Day!

Our friends Maya and Josh invited us to go boating at the Lake with them. We were so excited to go. Even when we woke up Saturday to dark clouds, lightening, and thunder, we wanted to go to the lake and see if it would clear up. It did clear up and we had an awesome time! We stayed from 9am until about 5:30pm. We were all very sore the next day.
This is my first time ever to get up on a knee board and it only took three tries.

Crazy Brandon and the other boys jumped off of a very high cliff.
Chrissy and I jumped off a lower cliff. Still scary but very fun.
Jed up top and Josh diving in.
Denton and his friend Ethan riding the tubes like big kids.

Denton LOVED the boat.
Julia preferred to sleep while the boat was moving.

Kendall, Ethan, Noah, Denton, Julia, and me posing on the back of the boat.

My friend Maya.

Saturday, July 26th

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Big Date

Brandon took his boards on Mon. July 21st. The test took 8 hours. We are both so relieved that he got that over with. On Wed. July 23 I got a phone call that was for Brandon to confirm his table for 2 at a really nice restaruant inside Red Rock resort. I thought it was so weird, so I *69 it and found out it was the number to the clinic where Brandon is doing rotations. I started to text him all kinds of questions. He was giving me little clues back. And then, I had an order of cinisticks and pizza delivered to my door and a note that was supposed to say, "You are being TREATED to a fancy date." When I asked Brandon what the pizza was about he told me that was dinner for the kids. He would be bringing the babysitter over at 6:30 and he and I would be going out for dinner and a movie. I was so shocked that I thought maybe he had cancer or something terrible. Turns out, he just wanted to take me out for getting through the last 2 years. We had so much fun and I was totally impressed he made all the arrangements for that last week without me even knowing.

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Weekend

On the 4th we lit some little fireworks in front of our house then we went to Anthem Hills Park to watch the big ones in the sky. Denton was worried about the noise so he kept his hands over his ears from the time he got out of the car until the time he got back in. We all loved being at the park and even the kids liked watching the fireworks.

On the 5th I took an early flight to Salt Lake to go to my nephew's funeral.
July 5th

Christian Bo Widerburg 1973 ~ 2008 Christian "Bo" Widerburg, born April 18, 1973, died an accidental death June 28, 2008. Bo was a natural born leader. He was president of Twality Middle School in Tigard, Oregon, where he helped raise over $50,000 for a classmate with cancer. He earned the honor of an Eagle Scout with his project of raising $5,400 for Dorn Beckers Hospital. He served a mission for the LDS Church to France in 1992. Bo was married for seven years. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in French from the University of Oregon. He was a manager for Cinemark Movie Theaters at Tinsel Town in Layton, Utah, and worked for this company for 10 years. Bo was very giving and kind, all who knew him loved him. Survived by his parents, Paul and Calla Widerburg; sisters: Crystal, Sadie and Chantelle Widerburg; grandparents, Beth Widerburg and David and Janice Coon; and by his dog, Foxy. "Bo will truly be missed" Funeral services will be held Sat., July 5, 2008, 1 p.m. at the South Jordan Stake Center, 2450 West 10400 South. Interment, Valley View Memorial Park. Arrangements under the direction of McDougal Funeral Home.
Published in the Deseret News on 7/3/2008

I really have some great memories of Bo. When he started at BYU I was 14 years old. He would come stay at our house on the weekends and I got to spend some time with him. We did projects together like painting my parents living room and I would stand by him while he cooked because I was amazed at how many ingredients he would put in without even measuring. He had such a fun sense of humor and he was always laughing. He marched to his own beat and he had a way of making everyone else around him just want to join in. He was one of the great and he will be truly missed.


My brothers and sister (L to R): Aaron (4th), Adam (6th), Paul (5th), Jared (2nd),
Calla (1st), Me (7th), Tammy (3rd-not pictured)

Me and my niece Crystal

Aaron and Kristen

Heather (sister-in-law) with Ivory, Emilie (niece) with Spencer, and

Jodie (sister-in-law)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We had a ton of fun in our little 10 foot pool in the backyard. Denton would swim for hours and hours if I would let him. Julia, on the other hand, would rather just chill in the swing. Too bad our pool popped last night haha.